Oven Safe Silicone Ring Making Tool

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If you ever wanted to try your hand at making polymer clay rings, you NEED this tool!

The Ring Making Tool is made of silicone, safe for baking for up to 450F.

It has 7 sizes, starting from size 6 to all the way to size 12 for making rings.

You can shape the ring, and bake on it. After baking let it cool down, and slide the ring base out gently. Add embellishment, or sand and buff and enjoy your pretty ring.

It's that simple!

These 2 bases come in a set.

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Customer Reviews

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Peace Peep Designs
Very Easy Tool

This is such a great tool for creating rings. Gets rid of all the hassle of trying to create a perfect circle & figure out sizing. Definitely would recommend.

Very nice quality silicone. Very shiny and...

Very nice quality silicone. Very shiny and precise. I love it!