Silicone Mold Making Kit

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Finally you can make your own pretty silicone mold. This is the ultimate silicone mold making kit.

The kit includes:

- 2 jars of silicone compound, Part A and B

- 2 ring bases 2.5" and 2" in diameter

- 2 acrylic plates, one base, and one pusher

- 6 flower mix beads, big , medium and small


Approximately 20 gm each of A and B for big ring

Approximately 13 gm each of A and B for small ring


Mix equal amounts of each of Part A and B from each jar blending the putty until it is all one colour, don't over mix it. Then press the mixed putty into the ring with the pusher. Press a finding or shape into the putty and leave for 10 minutes. Putty will set up and still be flexible enough to release the finding. Use the mold over and over with polymer clay. The life of the product lasts approximately 6-8 months after the container is opened. Cure from 375 degrees to 390 degrees to make mold heat resistant.


Overworking this compound may cause it to set early while kneading.

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    Marie GILLES
    perfect kit

    thank for you kit . I love it